Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Corazón del Bosque: through the lens

A while back I took a bunch of pictures of the park for an upcoming publication from CONAP (the National Council of Protected Areas) and thought I’d share them with you all.  Also included are a couple photos a Canadian volunteer took and gave to us to use for publicity.  It’s not a big park nor does it have crazy attractions (like incredible views, volcanoes, ruins, adventure activities etc.) but I’ve grown to love its simplistic beauty :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

De todo un poco

Oops…I can’t believe how I let time get away from me this past month.  If I would have been a bit more pilas (on top of things) I would have written some great play by plays because there’s been quite a bit of interesting things in and around the bosque.  Since I strive not to be a long-winded person, I’ll give the quick summary…

Ok this has nothing to do with the craziness but I just wanted to share my excitement at the fact I was able to go to the ocean two times this past month!  The first was down to Hawaii (just past the famous Monterico) for a combination lifeguard training, despedida (goodbye party) for a fellow volunteer and fabulous dip in the ocean (although the current was unfortunately strong).  Accompanying me was the crazy duo of Jamie and Josh…talk about attention when you have three tall canches (blondes) walking around together!  The second time was a day trip with the park staff to Champerico.  The waves were strong here too so we just played a bit, ate some fish and spent the afternoon at a pool.  Even with 3 applications of sunscreen I came home the lovely shade of a tomato.

Yep, another wedding.  This time it was Oralia’s brother who got married.  We went to his civil ceremony on a Tuesday and I got to see and take part in several of the traditional customs (bringing food for the family, gifts, the outfit the bride will wear on the other wedding day- green corte, white lacy blouse and veil, and not to the mention the important advice part where all the elders share their wisdom with the couple- I have to admit I was a little offended when they were telling the bride that she better put the right amount of sugar in the husband’s coffee, iron his pants and shirts correctly, keep a separate soap ball for washing his clothes, etc but they seem like a more progressive couple than that so I shouldn’t worry.)  As crazy as all that sounds, nothing compares to the actual wedding day.  I don’t want to go in to too much detail, but let’s just say that as we’re sitting in the decorated church waiting for the mass to start, the priest comes out and says that the ceremony won’t be taking place!!!  Everyone is shocked (just like in the movies).  It’s a drama-filled story complete with an ex-girlfriend coming to ruin the day.  I felt horrible mostly for the bride (she’s super sweet and of course was so excited for her wedding day).  The party for 400 guests had already been arranged so that still took place (they were technically married anyways).  Kind of hard to celebrate with everyone upset (mainly at the priest for listening to the crazy rantings of the ex) but there was still the meal, cake, live marimba, dancing and so forth.

The World Cup is just around the corner!!!  I’m getting super excited :)  Lately I’ve had the chance to go to a few games (almost all in Novillero) but last weekend I made it to the Guatemalan finals and sadly watched the Super Chivos (Xela) lose horribly to a team from the capital (Municipal, aka the Rojos).  We sat in the rain and cold all afternoon only to see them end the night with a score of 0-4. 

Luckily the next day the boys played in the finals in Novillero and won 5-4!

I love birthdays.  Mostly because it represents a time where everyone comes together to celebrate someone they all love.  And also because it implies good food, cake, presents and if you’re lucky, a piñata….hehe.  I am fortunate to live with a family that shares the same mentality; we are mad birthday partiers.  Here are pics from the past two birthdays (Chico and Mama Lupe).

I made chocolate cake for Chico and the most amazing brownies (got the recipe from the US ambassador here) for Mama Lupe.