Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finally...por fin!

For all of you who have been scolding's a quick visual update :)  I've actually had these pictures set aside forever to upload, just haven't gotten around to it I guess.  Was busy with school work, Easter in April, gall bladder surgery in May (surprise!) and the end of my thesis (and masters...phew).  I'm home in North Dakota for a nice visit and was actually going to post some pictures of my time here when I remembered my prior lapse.  So here's a usual random assortment!

Yum, avacados at the market.

Saw this picture and thought of a really easy where's waldo picture :)

 This is actually from Thanksgiving, all my boys have since left!

But not without leaving some unforgettable memories...

 Holiday meal Molly and I prepared in El Novillero...somewhat ND/MN style, and everyone loved it.

Day at the lake with extended fam

Fatima and the cakes I made for her 4th birthday.  Tradition calls for taking a bite out of the cake :)

 Close of service conference- We had a Guatemalan garb day, and this is our serious pose, can't you tell?

Oh the boys

Sarah dressed up like the young women in her town which is more ladino and not entirely indigenous, like mine....what a contrast!

My training group from January 2009!

Pine needle handicraft womens group- new members being trained.

Hike around Laguna Chicabal...a fantastic and mysterious place.

The view from the top.

 One of my favorite costumes from the last parade, made from all recycled materials!

Doña María and her lovely grandson, Angel.

Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Ceremony at the ambassador's house.  Molly and I with Flavio, our program director.

Jamie and I with Martha, the country director, and Wendy, the director of programming and training.

To be continued...