Monday, December 31, 2012

The End of 2012

I know I was never the best at updating this blog during my time in Guatemala, but I did try to post pictures now and then of work, people, adventures and life.  It was my way of sharing the experience mainly with friends and family back in the States.  Now I must insert an apology for not letting you in on the last few months of my Peace Corps service and what's been going on with me since then!  I mean I finished my work in the Highlands the end of April, and since have traveled up and down, half way around the world and back :)  2012 was quite the memorable year!

So I have an idea for the New Year: to share interesting pictures, quotes and stories, here on the blogster.

It won't be anything epic...but I think it'll be fun.

Almost as much as taking a leisurely cruise down the creek.....almost :)