Monday, September 26, 2011

Pictures galore

Cooking caldo de marisco for Papa Chico and Mama Lupe's 55 wedding anniversay.

Carnaval El Novillero style: kids and youth running around with confetti, eggs and flour...

Hard at work teaching financial education to a woman's group.

Last procession before Semana Santa (Holy Week).

They set up a station in front of Papa Chico's house.

Making Easter bread!

So much bread but went faster using Papa Eugenio's brick oven.

Business plan workshop we put on for volunteers and their counterparts, in Corazón del Bosque.

Fellow volunteer Jesse's birthday party complete with a rooftop Mayan ceremony.

Relaxing trip to the lake :)

View from the lodge where we got to stay the night free, thanks Erin!!

Swings at the nearby "adventure" park.

Just a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Birthday party out in the campo.

Tiffany's visit!  I'm so jealous how her height fits right in.

So great to be together again!

Tiff and one of my coworkers trying on new faces.

More pics to come of adventures in the jungle, making stoves, more workshops, random events and life!