Monday, January 5, 2009


Wow.  Some experiences have a knack for knocking you off your feet, and my short trip to China last week definitely proved that to be true.  I am so grateful to Yue’e and her family for being gracious hosts, giving us eyes and insights in to such a fascinating culture.

We stayed with her brother and sister-in-law, in their three story apt in Fuzhou.  This “small” city (with estimates of between 5-7 million) has much to see and do, but remains off the beaten path for most travelers.  I have never been stared at so much in my life!  My friend Steph made the comment that she felt it was like we had two heads or something.  I rarely blend in when I travel (in Central and South America) but this was pretty crazy. There are so many stories to share but here are just some of the highlights:

-Eating lots of seafood- eel, shark, squid, jellyfish, clams, crabs, mussels, oysters, shrimp, lobster, carp, and many more unknown to me

-Learning Fujian customs for weddings; my favorite were waiting with Yue’e in an upstairs bedroom while Jackie proved himself worthy to come to her (he sang a love song, and shouted “I love you” in Mandarin and English

-Going to two receptions, one with Jackie’s family out in the country (with a 12 course meal) and one in the city at a nice restaurant (with a 20 course meal!)

-Bringing in the New Year with fireworks and dancing 13 hours early J

-Visiting a Buddhist temple and monastery built in 867 AD

-Seeing a thousand-year-old banyon tree

-Relieving post-wedding stress at hot springs; sitting in bathes of wine, tea and ginger followed by a ten dollar hour massage


Going to the market

All ready before the ceremony

At the first reception

Bouquet toss (Good catch Tiff!)

I truly grew to enjoy the little squid

Thousand year old banyon tree


View from the apt at night

Buddhist temple


  1. did you catch the Bouquet... looks like you had height on your side.. lol. Oh it just all looks so wonderful that I wish I would have hopped in your suitcase. Miss you much.

  2. First plane ride with you was a dream!

  3. It was so great flying with you D and hopefully it wasn't the last time!

    And I did not catch the bouquet...pretty much on purpose :)

  4. Hey, i didn't catch it on purpose, either! It just came to me ;)