Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What I've been doing outside of work...

This is my attempt at making tortillas...you can see the ones my host mom made are nice and round. Mine are a little off, but with practice hopefully I'll get there! I've even ventured out with some different shapes; the heart definitely got some good laughs.

Here I am grinding coffee beans. The neighbors across the street have plants in their yard, and after they pick them, they're set out to dry. My family buys the dry, green, coffee beans and then we roast them on the comal. After roasting they are ground on the piedra (which is what I'm doing). Then....we drink it!!! Talk about keeping it local; these beans don't go more than a 100 yards from home.

Weaving lessons are going good. Although I'm slow, it's been really fun to learn the process and understand more of what the women here do each day to earn a living. It is A LOT of work. If my tejido turns out alright, I'll post a picture when I'm done.

Let me tell you, it is SO fun to climb volcanoes! We hiked up Pacaya last week and were roasting marshmallows on a rocks that were from a 2008 lava flow. Yum :)


  1. How cool Brittany! What wonderful adventures you are having and what great things to learn!

  2. coffee, volcanoes, tejidos, oh my! next task: mickey mouse tortilla :)

  3. So jealous! You will have to give us lessons. By the time you get back you will be a pro. I miss you a lot B.

  4. Beautiful Brittany!

    It's warming to hear how much fun and joy you are finding in Guatemala! We miss you here but are so thankful you are there-keep us posted :)