Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hydroelectric power at Corazón del Bosque

For those of you who read Spanish, here's the link to an article that came out in the Prensa Libre about the hydroelectric plant we now have at the Corazón del Bosque, which is pretty exciting!

Click here: Reserva genera su energía 

They say it'll cover about half of the park's energy needs, 2.5kW, 250 L/s max flow.  We're currently using the power for the administrative office and the dormitory/salon.

I find it pretty impressive that from a small waterfall on the edge of the park's property clean energy can be produced, not only lowering costs but it also serves as an example for community members and visitors.

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  1. a great project, started by an Irish volunteer. I am currently volunteerng in Corazon de Bosque with a friend Nicola and living in your old house. They speak really highly of you. Only here a week so settling in and speak very basic spanish. Hoping to get stuck in to a project on Monday.
    My mail is doylelaine@gmail if you have any advise for us. We re only in Corazon del Bosque 5 more weeks so want to do something worthwhile.
    Elaine and Nicola