Saturday, January 19, 2013

Costa Rica

Last week I posted pictures from Belize, in a somewhat vain attempt to feel warmer!  These days that chill in my bones is returning and today I'm sharing pictures from that same trip, but of Costa Rica.  Back in 2005 I spent a semester studying there and lived with a wonderful family.  Besides visiting them, Molly and I also traveled about to see some beautiful sites.

Dear friends on a hike around the Volcano Poas.

The crater at Poas.

My favorite turtle- Cecilia!  I'm pretty sure she's older than I am :)

Julian has the best green thumb I know of!

Molly and I with part of my old host family.

They even made my favorite- egg rolls from scratch!

Heading out in to the tree tops.

And what do we see....the national bird of Guatemala, the Quetzal!

 So many birds, we loved it!  Somos puras pajareras.

Looking up bird names.

The infamous straggler fig.

On a different kind of walk in the woods.

Climbing up on the inside of a straggler fir.

Surprise surprise, lots of clouds in the cloud forest!

And then we ran in to some newborn baby birds!

What I wouldn't give now for some blue skies and green vegetation...

And of course it's Costa Rica so you're going to run in to some waterfalls.

Fabulous trail to wander looking around at the plants, animals and such....sigh.

Our guide :)

And here we were off for more adventures!

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