Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My last week as a trainee

So this week I've been busy finishing things up before I move out of San Antonio for good. It's so hard to say goodbye to all of the wonderful people we've been working with these last months. The week before last we met with the women's group for the last time, and tomorrow we have a meeting at the muni with the mayor and other offices we've been involved with. If it's this bad after three months I can only imagine what it'll be like to leave after two years! Maybe I'll just stay and avoid all that :)

So there's so much to write about the ecological park where I'll be working....since I'm short on time I'll direct you all to their website to check it out:

Oh, and swear-in is this Friday, when I actually become a true Peace Corps volunteer...pretty exciting!


  1. Since you are moving, will your address change or stay the same?

  2. how very exciting for you, friend! can't wait to hear more about your adventures! i'll send you some mail from europe when you know your new address :)

  3. You guys are awesome- I'll post my new address above.