Friday, September 17, 2010

Un poco de....randomness

Last pics borrowed from the Canadians...

Beautiful Lake Atitlán

The group

View of Xela's central park

Taking fashion to the extreme...your teeth.  

A comedor in Sololá food fast.

Preparing a special lunch at the park.

Making pizza on the plancha!  

Turned out fairly good...especially when adding ketchup, chile and mayonaise, haha.

Anyone need a restroom?  Which kind?

I love the traje from Xela.

Shoe shiner.

Snack during a cultural interchange at the park.

The group after their presentation about Canada.

This mean welcome in K'iche' on the door of a nearby Pollo Campero...the largest fast food chain born in Guatemala offering none other than amazing fried chicken.  

More to come soon on Independence Day (the 15th), birthdays and random life :)  And I promise to write more too!


  1. Pizza with ketchup and mayo? I'll pass! I miss you :)

  2. Great pictures!
    I've never seen #1 and #2 distinction ;)