Thursday, August 26, 2010

El Novillero

Going along the theme of my last post I would like to share more pictures with all of you, this time of my town, El Novillero.  They're kind of random, but that's how it is :)  Some quick facts: it's estimated that there are between 1600 and 2000 people who live in El Novillero; the overwelming majority are maya k'iche'; the town is a powerful force in the area, with banking centers, several hardware and supply stores, 3 internet cafes, 3 bread stores, countless "daily consumption" stores, a publicity business, real estate, post office branch and more.  Yet at the same time it's super tranquilo and laid back.  Best of rural life mixed with benefits of a more urban area.  

The Canadians coming to my house for tea.  

The view from the second floor corridor. 

The view walking down the main street towards my house.

Coming from the other direction.

I love the mountains that surround us.

My favorite street dog hanging out in front of a store.  He looks big and ferocious but is a big softy inside.

Pharmacy/mayan natural medicine store.

The old church, patron saints St. Judas Tadeo and St. Simon.

The uncle's family has a couple hot dog (chevere) stands...for Q5 (roughly $.60) you can get this lovely hot dog with your choice of toppings (cabbage, ketchup, mustard, mayo and pica mas) with a small cup of orange soda.  I love how the bun is always gigantic with an itty bitty hot dog.  When my little cousin Johnny is running it he'll give me a double at no extra charge, tan chulo :)

Kids from the school going to an activity...not quite as safe as a school bus, but that's how it goes.

Some of the kids at the local preschool/daycare center during snack time.

Small mouth for such a big apple!

Adan's store, one of the most stocked in town.

The path to the old woman's house who makes the most amazing old fashioned shecas (a type of sweet bread) on Mondays and Thursdays.  When I speak my limited K'iche' with her she gets this big toothless smile and then gives me an extra sheca just to be nice :)

"Second Street"
On the other side of that mountain in the back is our municipality, Santa Lucía Utatlán.  And on the other side of the mountain from there is Lake Atitlán.

I love this time of year when we're completely surrounded by corn fields.  After the harvest in November/December it all looks quite sad, empty lots of dirt.  But at the same time less claustrophobic and scary (when one walks at night).

So there's a quick walk through town, hope you liked it enough to come see it first hand while I'm here!

Thanks again to Evelyn, Nikki and Brigitte for sharing pictures!


  1. So cool! I want to come visit. I'd love cabbage on my hot dog :) Have you tried it?

  2. I love being able to picture your home. Love you and miss you!

  3. Of course I get cabbage on my hot dog!!! Jana you need to come visit, and Tiger too :)

  4. Wish I had stumbled upon these photos before my trip, but SO happy I stumbled upon you, Brittany, while in El Novillero. Such a beautiful community and amazing experience getting the chance to see it. Hope things are still going well for you - wishing I could be there still!!!

  5. Hi Keith! It was so nice to meet you during your stay at the park, too bad it went by so quick. Things are going well here, and don't forget you're more than welcome to come back anytime!!