Thursday, March 10, 2011


Oh no.  It’s March and I haven’t posted anything on here in 2011!  Man do I have some catch-up to do…  This year has been chugging along at an astonishing speed but overall it’s been really great.  Life is good :)  I’m still in Guatemala for those who may be remembering that I came now over two years ago.  If I was following old plans, this would be my last month of work….crazy!  However, I was offered a position as a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader.  That means another year here, working half time with Peace Corps in the community tourism project, designing and implementing training tools as well as visiting individual volunteers to assist with projects and more specialized training.  The other half of my time I will still be in Corazón del Bosque, although focusing on building capacity in a couple of the networks we are a part of along with continued administrative support at the park.  That means I’m putting off the real world for yet another year.  But it also means y’all have another year to come down and visit!  But wait till after May… I also want to share that I am in the final stages of finishing up my masters, with my thesis set to be presented in just a few months.  Chux...Just a wee bit stressful.  Haha.  But so far so good.

It’s always easier for me to share my life here through photos, so coming soon will be another picture update.  Get ready for some good ones: pig heads, the cemetery, me in a diaper, attack of the rabbit, the ash Wednesday of eggs and flour, American bbq, dancing at the family parties and more.  You better hold on to your seats.

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