Monday, August 16, 2010

Caught up in the whirlwind

Sometimes I feel like I don't have time to catch my breath.  Especially these past few weeks.  They've been super good, don't get me wrong, but just packed with...stuff.  I've been involved with lots at the park, the normal and not so normal (we had a group of Canadians with us again this time for 5 weeks, I'll have to include them in the next post).  I also finished up an online class for my masters which kept me on my toes more than I you'll see below that I had through it all more than my fair share of social distractions, hehe.  A wedding, first communion and a couple birthday parties :)

Selvyn and Dina's Wedding
Panajachel, Sololá

Some of you will remember that Selvyn was my counterpart last year (the person I worked most closely with at the park).  He's moved on to a position in a different organization, however we still keep in pretty good contact.  I was happy to be with him on his wedding day with a lovely girl from Cobán, Dina.  It was a beautiful setting on the lake!  However, the wind did something unfortunate to the cake...

My good friend Erin was also invited and showed off her traje from San Marcos La Laguna (where she was living).  I have to brag that she did the embroidery for her corte (the skirt).  I also get a bit jealous of her chapina stature, as she fits in so nicely here with the women!
Selvyn and I
Dina, the bride in pink :)
Here's a look at the wedding site from up above (it took place where the white tents are).  You can also see on the mountainside behind the area where there was a landslide back a couple weeks.  It washed away part of the already precarious highway in between Sololá and Panajachel.  Luckily it happened early in the morning and no one was hurt.  It did prevent me from getting to an important meeting, but such is life here- you never quite know what to expect.

Cats warming themselves by the fire at Grandma's house.

Bird feeders made from old plastic bottles....I helped out with a training for all the preschool teachers in my department (over 200).  We gave ideas for lesson plans using recycled materials; my friend Molly talked about conservation of bird habitats and the different species endemic to the area while I gave instructions on the bird feeder and taught some games relative to the topic.

Staying with Patty the night before her brother Oliver's First Communion in San Antonio.
I love the women who still wear the full traditional traje (including the súte on their heads).  Couldn't pass up the chance to capture these six old ladies.
The mass

Chico and Papa Chico
The two birthday boys and the cakes I made them.  They were happy, don't let their serious faces fool you!
Us girls

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  1. I miss you! What a beautiful adventure you are on. But come back now ;)